Toby’s – A bona fide piece of North Vancouver history.

A part of North Shore history, Toby’s Social Pub, a locally owned restaurant has deep roots on the Shore. The Priatel family owned the Lynnwood Inn, a North Shore icon for over 80 years, before closing its doors in 2012.

At that time, they carried on their family’s love of the hospitality industry and opened Toby’s Pub and Toby’s Liquor Store. Staying true to their roots was important, so they opened the Liquor Store in approximately the same location as the old Lynwood Hotel. Toby’s Pub, now Toby’s Social Pub, was opened close by, a few blocks west and across the street on Main Street in North Vancouver.

It’s in the blood.

In 2001, the Priatel family purchased the Silvertone Tavern on Commercial Drive and 11th Street. Then, two years later, the Tavern was converted to a larger pub and private liquor store in the beautiful two-story building. The pub and adjacent liquor store featured the locals’ beer, wine and spirits, and an amazing “Women in Power” mural.
In 2020, the pub on the Drive was closed and the liquor store was expanded to the two-story structure. The upper floor now offers a spectacular meeting and tasting room for wine and scotch, surrounded by the same art collection from the pub days-gone-by.

Changing times.

Now Toby’s flagship location, the pub on the North Shore was rebranded to Toby’s Social Pub after the pandemic to accommodate an increased appetite for social gatherings. A Pool Table and Dart Boards were added, and a renovation resulted in an epic, new stage featuring enhanced audio to host live music on Saturday nights, Thursday Trivia nights and Open Mic nights on Fridays.

Time to get social.

Toby’s Social Pub features pub fare, elevated. Signature dishes made with locally sourced ingredients reflect the commitment to local. Dishes like Poutine, Perogies, and Beef Yorkies set Toby’s Social Pub apart.  Toby’s chefs take pride in a menu that is unique and full of inspirational dishes.

All in the family.

Having a sibling in the business – Toby’s liquor store – has its benefits. Toby’s Social Pub boasts an extensive wine list, as well as a large selection of draft beers from craft and import brew houses. Toby’s also offers a number of lesser known coolers and ciders, as well as some very respected, but not so common imported beers.

The bands that made Toby’s on the Drive so popular are now playing at Toby’s Social Pub, bringing live music to the North Shore. Favourites, such as Johnny and the Walkers, perform regularly, as well as other local bands and acoustic performers.

Comedy nights, Trivia nights and Open Mic nights run throughout the year. Follow Toby’s Social Pub on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on weekly events!